Living a Sacred Life

The Path to the Superconscious thru Meditation and Spirit Contact

Online Course

The Truth About Meditation

If I had a dollar for every time I heard someone say, “I’ve tried to meditate but I just can’t seem to stop thinking.”

It’s true, you can’t stop thinking, nor should you. It’s what makes you human. You can still think and meditate, and I’ll show you how.

There are many free meditations on Youtube with nice music, telling you to breathe. Perfect… breathe… and then what? We’ll go over that.

There are hundreds of different mediations out there in the world. In the book, I’ll show you the two most powerful to start to shift your mindset and perception of the world and yourself in it. In the course, we’ll take it to another level.

The benefits of meditation touch every area of your life. It changed mine in such dramatic ways that if it were a person, I’d be indebted to them.

There’s Nothing Standing Between You and God

There has been a great deception that needs to be dispelled Now! God, or what I call the Creative Force of the Universe is in everything around you, and inside you.

You cannot be separate from creation because you are creation. Experience it for yourself with these thoughts and skills that I present in LSL.

God is not judging you, nor testing you. You are judging and testing yourself. And there’s a reason for that. This is presented in the book, and gone into much deeper in the course.

Angel, spirits, guides, teachers are all waiting for you to participate in experiencing the Creative Force of the Universe with them. And it’s not hard to get there. I’ll show you how.

If you’ve ever pondered on the origins of humanity, our purpose here, and what you have to do with it all, don’t let someone else tell you about these things. The answers are already inside you.

The Myths About the Imagination

Many people have been convinced that playing in the imagination is bad. Most of us were told at some point that we had to grow up. Find your innocence again.

If you’ve ever been told that you needed to be realistic, you were given very bad advice. Reality is a subjective experience and you deserve to have your own.

The truth is that we’re using the imagination all the time. Learn how to direct and focus it to create the world that you want to live in.

The depth of our imaginations is relative to the confines of our beliefs. Learn to unbelieve so you can be again.

Use the power of myth and the make-believe to empower your life.

What Are Spirits and Are They Dangerous?

What if I told you that you’ve had spirits with you your entire life?

You may have been told that playing with the unknown is bad. However, there’s crime going on everyday right in your own neighborhood. Does that stop you from going to the market?

There’s “good” and “bad” everywhere. You may have been missing out on all the wonderful and caring spirit friends and allies that are there waiting you help you because you were told it was bad.

If you call them angels, does that make it feel safer? Because I’ve found they’re one in the same, and I’ll show you how that works.

They're called “spirit guides” because they can be excellent at guiding you to seeing what you’ve been blinded from seeing. I’ll show you had to work with them, or better yet, they’ll show you.

Create Good Habits

If you find it hard to change, it’s not your fault. It’s built into you. There’s a way to make it happen.

Your behaviors are built in to you like a program. That program is malleable. Learn the tools to modify the program.

Have you ever wondered how it is that those closest to you see things differently from you and sometimes it’s really hard to manage? Learn to manage it.

Have you wanted to follow a dream, pursue a new career, but seem to find ways to talk yourself out of it? There’s a reason that happens and it doesn’t need to be that way.

Yes, you can drop bad habits too…

No One Ever Taught You That

What if you had someone tell you the unmanipulated truth about spirituality? You mean, there’s a truth? Yes, and it’s the only truth that matters because it’s yours.

In a perfect world, your parents and teachers would have taught you what’s in this course when you were just a kid.

I’ll give you a framework and ideas with which to play with that framework.  This will give you meaning for your life, a passion for living, and a place in the universe.

Being ok with the craziness of the world and not part of it is something you should've been taught when you were little.  However, it's never too late.

These are simple tools. So simple that everyone can do them. And it doesn’t require a plane ticket, learning an exotic language, or doing anything that jeaopordizes your well-being. In fact, it enhances it.

Connection Doesn’t Happen On a Cell Phone

If you truly want to experience power, it doesn’t come from electricity. It comes from connecting with the planet.

Appreciation is the key to the real “good life.” And getting there is as easy as 1-2-3000.

The Earth is waiting for you to feel a deeper relationship and once you get it, you’ll wonder how you missed it for so long.

Ok, cell phones are pretty cool. I don’t want to bash them, but who you really are is waiting for your discovery, and it ain’t gonna happen in a text message.

You’re not alone. There are millions just like you that are searching for a new paradigm of spirituality and want to be part of a community.

How Do You Know What You Know?

Sometimes you just have a hunch, a gut feeling, but you can’t explain it…

What if I told you that your body may provide the key to understanding how your instinct, your intuition and your sense of knowing works?

What if I told you that you can learn to cultivate it, to utilize it, and to live by it?

Often we think that we’re not special. Those other people that we see on TV, those are the special ones with those crazy powers they have. What if I told you that everyone has those abilities and you can too.

You can learn different ways of knowing and work with the ones that come easiest for you by identifying them.

Creating Space in Your Life for Spirit

Time, money, obligations, expectations, have-to’s, need-to’s, OMG!!!

Remember what I said about beliefs? They’re not reality. They’re just the way you experience things right now.

The conundrum is that the more time you give to your spiritual practice, the more time you’ll have.

There are simple ways to create a life that is guided by the Creative Force within you. We’ll take it step-by-step in the course.

Take back what’s yours… your life! Join others who have taken this journey and only looked back to see if they dropped anything, which of course, they did…

Living a Sacred Life - Module 1

Living a Sacred Life is a course designed to teach the arts of meditation and spirit contact to promote a more fulfilling way of being in the world by transforming what's on the inside.  This happens by expanding your awareness of the behaviors, beliefs and perceptions that are interfering with your centeredness and presence in everyday matters.  This improves your relationship to others, your health and well-being, and your ability to act toward the outcomes you want to create in your life.

Comparing Book and Course Content

Book Content

Here's a break-down of the teachings in the LSL book.

  • Understanding ritualistic behavior and how that create habits, some good and some bad.
  • Discussing how we may be the product of our parents, teachers and society and what can be done about it.
  • Exploring myths about meditation and finding the way that works best for you.
  • Learn to focus the mind and understand how and why to make it work.
  • Exploring misunderstandings about imagination and the idea of illusion.
  • Learn to tap into your essential nature, the part of you that is infinite.
  • Understanding the role of the senses on a non-physical level.
  • Establish the methods by which to access the spirit realms.
  • Discuss the framework that the realms of spirit exist in.
  • Discussing the power of prayer and how to utilize it for transformation.
  • Understanding the Superconscious.
  • Go deeper into the science of consciousness and how to make practical sense of it.
  • Get a better understanding of what spirits are and the different types that exist.
  • Learn how to energetically protect yourself both in the physical and spirit realms.
  • Much more...

Course Content

Everything that's in the book including the following...

  • The process of Mindfulness and the role of the body, mind and emotions.
  • The Four Pernicious Obstacles that occur in meditation and how to deal with them.
  • The 3 minds and how they influence our rejection of, avoidance of, and need for everything around us.
  • How to connect with the spirit in all organic matter.
  • How to be present with the world.
  • Creating sacred space.
  • How we can tap into an infinite amount of information from Morphogenic Fields.
  • Connecting into a deeper state of love for self and others that truly transforms you.
  • Understanding empathy and learning to work with it instead of being overwhelmed by it.
  • Discussing the power of prayer and how to utilize it for transformation.
  • How to alter your general state to quickly move into a deepened and heightened state of awareness.
  • Journeying into a greater consciousness to bring back teachings for navigating life at a deeper level.
  • Includes all of the meditations, journeys and exercises in recorded form.
  • All course content is narrated for your listening pleasure.
  • Establishing a deeper connection to Mother Earth and the spirits of nature.
  • Much more...
  • Just Listen

    You’ll get every lesson in text format so that you can read along if you choose.  However, all of the book, and all of the additional content in the course is narrated for you to listen to so you don’t have to read a thing if you so desire.  As well as that, the course includes 18 practicals (meditations, journeys, and exercises) that are also recorded with music and/or Tibetan bowls, or accompanied by a drum or rattle.  These are all high quality recordings that you can use in your daily practice.

  • Meditations

    There are many styles of meditation in the Living a Sacred Life book.  In the book, you’re introduced to two techniques that help with focusing your attention which serves the purpose of assisting you to learn to journey.  In the LSL course, you’ll be introduced to more techniques to increase your overall awareness and your capacity to connect deeper with the energy and spirit of the planet.  You’ll also experience what the Buddhists talk about as equanimity, a flow that naturally occurs when you round your meditation practice out with the different techniques that enhance your understanding of impermanence, dissatisfaction, and love and compassion.

  • Discussions

    In the course, you’ll be given a transcription of discussions that took place during live classes on some of the more challenging concepts and actions take during the classes.  This really helps students of the online course to know what other students experienced and what they’re biggest challenges were.  Even if you’re taking the course alone, you may feel a connection with the other students as they may ask questions that you have and discover the answers that were given.  You’ll hear about their experiences with the material that you may identify with.

  • Course Information

    The course is about 6 months long if you were to do it as each class is released.  The course has a dashboard that shows all of the content that’s been delivered sequentially.  The course begins at the time that you register.  Every two weeks, a class is added to your dashboard.  There are 18 meditations, exercises and journeys, and a body of information that describes and supports these practicals.  You’ll want to use these over and over as you’ll develop your abilities by practicing.

  • Journeys

    In the book, you’re introduced to the Earth Realm where we commonly connect with spirit allies in the form of animals, and the spirits of the plant, trees and mineral kingdoms.  In the LSL course, we’ll take that practice even deeper, and you’ll work in the Cosmic realm.  Here you’ll connect with the teaching spirits that can help guide you into understanding your purpose on the planet and the purpose of all life.  You’ll broaden your contact with different types of spirits and learn more about the variety of experiences that the spirit realm can create in your life.  You’ll also learn to make this experience practical to provide answers to everyday life questions.

  • Exercises

    In the book are exercises that were developed to help deepen your ability to journey.  The exercises in the LSL course continue deepening those abilities, taking you further into developing your intuition, expanding your capacity for compassion, and expanding your overall awareness which connects you to the greater web of life.  You’ll learn how the mind works and how your beliefs about the world are what creates it. Then you’ll learn methods to change your beliefs so that they serve you instead of impede you.


Share Your Experience With a Friend

Where two or more are gathered, something powerful is created.  I highly recommend signing up for the course with a friend, partner, or loved to share the experience with.  This helps to solidify the teachings and have someone to reflect on all of the wonderful experiences that you're going to have.  Also, as you start to develop your skills, you'll want to experiment with journeying for others.  In the live classes, this is something that we do toward the end of the course, and it's always amazing.  People get to really overcome their doubts and fears and step into a greater capacity to embody the teachings.

When you register for the course, you'll get 48 hours to register someone at a 20% discount.  Just email me and let me know and I'll issue you a temporary discount code at checkout.


Accompany the Course With Personal 1-1 Sessions

This course is designed to take you from beginning to end at your own pace.  If you would like personal assistance, there will be options to receive personal teaching and guidance during the course.  There'll also be the option of having me take you through the whole course as a personal coach, healer and teacher, focusing what you learn on your unique situation in life.


First of all I want to say thank you to Sean for this amazing course and for the opportunity he has given me to learn from him.  Initially when I saw the course being offered I was disappointed as I live in Western Australia so wasn't able to attend in person, but when I contacted Sean he offered to teach me the course via Skype which was absolutely amazing.  I was drawn the course specifically because of the opportunity to learn spirit communication and contact, which I have been wanting to learn for most of my life!

While taking the course I experienced a greater awareness of life and spirit, and felt like my eyes had been opened. The excercises I was given were fantastic and I learnt to not only feel and merge with nature (plants, rocks, animals etc) but I also met my spirit guides and learnt how to communicate with them, which was absolutely amazing.

After completing the course I am now able to journey and to communicate with my spirit guides amongst many other skills. I feel a greater sense of peace and empowerment knowing that I have love and assistance from my guides and that I can actually contact them when need be.

Sean was absolutely amazing in teaching this course to me. Even though we were in different time zones Sean worked with me to find a time and date that suited me and my busy work and home schedule. Classes were booked in advance so I could work them in around my business hours, and I had the flexibility that I needed to complete the course. Sean was always more than happy to answer any questions I had and was a calm and approachable teacher which really put me at ease. He catered the course to my needs and really made sure I got what I wanted out of the course, as well as making sure I had the correct foundations to do so.

I would highly recommend Sean's course and book. The tools that Sean has given me are invaluable and I cant thank him enough. To anyone thinking of whether or not to read the book or to complete the course, stop thinking and just do it! I guarantee it will be one of the best investments you've ever made.

Lauren Gilchrist
Lauren Gilchrist Online Class

I took the Shamanic healing course for the purpose of learning how to manage and heal my chronic pain syndrome, which I’d had after an injury for more than a year. I noticed the effects of this course beginning from the very first class, and it overall went beyond my expectations.

Sean is a talented teacher who combined theory with practice. The meditation exercises which Sean was teaching in his class quickly opened inner abilities within me which I did not know about, such as: Astral projection, telepathy, clairvoyance, and even energy healing.

It connected me to a beautiful spiritual world and opened my eyes to the beauty of nature! Since taking this course I always feel connected to the spirit world and my spirit guides who guide me in my life!

This course totally changed my life.   It brought me to new path of spiritual enlightenment and transformation!

Yelena Alper  Live Class

I approached Sean’s Living a Sacred Life Course with a curious and open mind about Shamanism and how it relates to our natural world.  Having done some journeying before, what I was blessed to experience during this course were amazing, more intimate and vivid journeys with my spirit guides. In the process I learned to ask questions and receive answers from my guides, and also to journey for others.  Enlightening and useful methods of meditation were also introduced.  In addition to the course, I’ve attended shamanic sound healing sessions with Sean and find him to be a dedicated and compassionate teacher and healer, interested in both individual and global healing and transformation.

Denise Balma Live Class

I really enjoyed the class with Sean. I had previous experience with shamanic journeys and was looking to learn more and strengthen my ability to meet with my spirit guides. Sean taught me how to practice meditation safely and connect to my guides even without leading myself into a trance. I met one of my most important spirit guides and since the course, I always feel connected to it. With Sean’s training, I was able to receive guidance and hear my guides very loud and clear, and experienced overall personal healing. The class exceeded my expectations and I feel very appreciative!

Anna Alper Live Class

Taking the Living a Sacred Life course facilitated by Sean Imler resonated with me and my higher self on various levels.

What drew me to the class and kept me engaged, was Sean's multimodal approach. Hypnotic language patterns,  Native American invocation and gratitude songs. Introduction to helpful indigenous herbs, sounds to lead us into journeying/ altered states of consciousness. Journeying to connect with a guide. Discovering we can  journey for another, which can be easier than journeying for self. Oh yes,  and anchoring in these successful altered states, so they're easier to attune to in the future.

Sean is a modern day Mystic/ Urban Shaman and hypnotherapist whom uses Lakota lodge songs to welcome in the cardinal directions, then sending them home song upon completion of our time. I love attending sweat lodges, singing along, so this totally resonated with my soul.

The use of sounds during our shamanic journeying time, was very conductive to get us to altered states.  Drumming,  rattling, and sound bowls, beautiful.

As someone that has studied the power of words (hypnotic language patterns and NLP,) I REALLY appreciated the aforementioned details ESPECIALLY as it was paired with persuasive language patterns.

I was able to note and appreciate language patterns; including pauses, analog marking, as well as pacing and leading to lead us into our journeying. So supportive, and easier to integrate meditative/ journeying practices.

There were  various moments information was being presented, I couldn't help but smile as I listened to the content. Being thankful that I had attracted this  amazing teacher that resonated with various aspects of myself.

I highly recommend checking out Sean Imler's new material. You're sure to come away with great spiritual tools for Living A Sacred Life.

Marissa Gonzalez Live Class

Sean's course and more importantly his one on one coaching/teaching sessions completely changed my life. I gained access to new tools that help center myself quickly and get into states that bring forward endless creativity and possibility. Before, it was like I have been living my life like a computer that only has one cable to the Internet. Now, it's like I am completely free and my consciousness was upgraded with high-speed Wi-Fi.

Rich Ocampo Online Class

Nothing but praise and gratitude to the infinitely gifted teacher and healer, Sean Imler, for helping me to expand my once rudimentary and shallow spiritual practice into a deeply meaningful and ALIVE Way of Life. Don't miss the opportunity to personally connect with Sean as he teaches how to create a truly multi-sensory, multi-dimensional, healing, balanced, reverent, joyful Spiritual Life.

Keryn Dawer Live Class

Living a Sacred Life class from Sean Imler introduced me to practices that helped deepen my connection to my own guidance and the Spirit realm. I learned different ways to listen and connect with my guides and to trust the messages. It was a wonderful, loving experience. I felt Sean used many techniques, shamanic and others, that helped me get out of my thoughts about life and Accept this Life in a new and loving way. Plus, he’s a great guy.

Debbie Thacker Live Class

100% Money Back Guarantee

This course only exists to improve your life in the best way possible.  If you’re not completely satisfied with the course, let me know within 40 days and I’ll give you a full refund.

That’s my guarantee that this course will benefit you or your money back!


  • Adept Program

    This is a great opportunity to save up your questions and have some personal one-on-one time with Sean to discuss challenges that you’re having in the program.  Sign up with the Adept Program and you’ll get a 1.5 hour session with Sean after the 2 month mark and another after the 4 month mark.  Sessions can take place in person if you’re in the area of Campbell, CA, over video call on Zoom, or by phone.  The sessions can be recorded for later review.

  • Savant Program

    This is the creme de la creme program where you get a personal one-on-one session with Sean with every class.  That’s two sessions per month.  These sessions can be what you want including teaching and taking the content of the class deeper into your personal situation, getting coaching on outcomes you’d like to create in your life, or using the many healing modalities Sean employs with his clients to bring about change in your life.

  • Neophyte Program

    This is the standard program in which only the content of the course is delivered with no personal assistance.  However, all students will be added to the Facebook Private Group where you can interact and share with others in the course.  All students receive a new class every two weeks and the guided meditations, journeys and exercises.

  • Tandem Program

    This program is for those that want to add a friend to the experience.  If you register for any program in the course, email us and ask for a 20% off discount code that can be used for a second similar course.  This discount code will expire in 48 hours.

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    • Includes a 1 on 1 session with Sean after every class