Out Now: Living a Sacred Life is a practical guide to shifting your behaviors, beliefs and perceptions to live a more joyful and meaningful life.

Powerful meditations and methods of connecting with your spirit guides to produce happiness, fulfillment, and a state of well being.

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Living a Sacred Life - Online Training Course

  • Powerful Meditations - You'll be introduced to the best meditation techniques to increase your your capacity to connect deeper with the energy and spirit of the planet.
  • Spirit Contact - You'll learn the process of journeying to connect with your Guardian Spirit and with teaching spirits that provide insight that can't be obtained anywhere else.  They'll help you determine your purpose on the planet and a deeper understanding of the purpose of all life.
  • Expanding Consciousness - You'll expand your perception and gain insight into complex matters with solutions that are outside of the box.  You'll improve your relationships with others.  You'll experience how your beliefs about the world are what creates your life and how you can change those beliefs.
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