OUT NOW: Living a Sacred Life is as practical guide to shifting your behaviors, beliefs and perceptions to live a more joyful and meaningful life.

Powerful meditations and methods of connecting with your spirit guides to produce happiness, fulfillment, and a state of well being.

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In the Living a Sacred Life Book You Will Discover...

  • Powerful Meditations


    • Understanding the usefulness of habits and ritualized actions to condition the mind.
    • Clarifying the misconceptions about meditation that stop you from using it effectively.
    • Discussing the benefits of meditation and how to best go about practicing.
    • Wiring the brain to improve your ability to focus and concentrate without distraction.
    • Start with the most practical and powerful meditations techniques and create a solid foundation for your practice.
    • Meditation is the medium; changing your state of mind to work with spirits at a deep and transformative level.
  • Spirit Contact


    • Establish a perspective of Mother Earth that acknowledges that everything is spirit.
    • Learning to raise one’s personal vibration via emotional energy for a more joyful life.
    • Understanding the role of our senses and how they influence our imagination and intuition.
    • Understanding the domains of spirits and what purpose and role they serve.
    • Learning a foundational technique for spirit contact that is safe, effective and practical.
    • Discussing different types of spirits and our relationship to them.
    • Delve deep into energetic protection in both the spirit and physical realms.
  • Raising Consciousness


    • Discussing the realm of science and some of the things that hold it back from supporting our spiritual growth.
    • Giving an overview of the subatomic model and how it affects our ideas of what consciousness is and what it does.
    • Looking at how our beliefs shape our reality and what possibilities may or may not be present for us as a result.
    • Discussing how spirit fits into the scientific model and how to shift our state of knowing to accommodate new models.
    • Grounding and protecting our physical and energetic selves with the help of our spirit helpers.

Book Description

This book is the culmination of over 30 years of practicing and experimenting with many spiritual and philosophical traditions to find a lasting inner presence and connectedness to creation. Meditation and spirit contact are the cornerstones to health and well-being, yet many myths and misguided beliefs have made these tools difficult for the average person to utilize.

Living a Sacred Life is going to appeal to you especially if you’ve tried meditation (including mindfulness and being mindful), and can’t seem to make it work for you. It will appeal to you if you’ve always known that your guardian angels seem to be present in your life but you haven’t known how you could communicate with them. Lastly, you may have heard about mindfulness, but wasn’t sure where to look for a more spiritual way of being mindful and what that means to your everyday life. It will appeal to you if you want practical meditation principles combined with a spirit driven way of being.

Once you learn to be in the superconscious state, you’re ready to connect with your spirit guides. The techniques that are most effective are those borrowed from neo-shamanism. These shamanic journey techniques will be fully explored, guiding you to the spirit realm to communicate directly with your spirit guides, guardian spirits or angels, and teaching spirits. We’ll discuss the difference between different types of spirits that help you solve your life’s challenges like your soul’s purpose, improving your health and self care, knowing who in your life is truly supporting you and who is draining you, and whether you’re in the right situation to help with your spiritual path and well-being.

You’ll learn how to better manage your personal energy, protect it from other people’s emotions and thought-forms, and how to have spirit helpers assist you. Along the way, you’ll also learn how your own beliefs, behaviors, and perceptions are formed and fixed in place. Then you’ll learn what you can do to shift them. This information comes from the latest scientific understanding of consciousness coupled with ancient traditions. You’ll learn the importance of appreciation to your well-being and how you can increase its fullness in your life to help you feel more connected to the Earth. You’ll learn how to strengthen your relationships with others, and to all of nature.

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Every now and then the clouds part and a great book drops into your lap. If you have any interest in spiritual matters and want something real that's clear and helpful and easy to understand, this is a MUST READ. Invaluable!

Robert Bruce
Robert Bruce Author of Astral Dynamics

It’s a great read and you’ve done a fabulous job making it something that is step by step, easy to follow, easy to understand and encourages/invites rather than tells!

Becca Thompson
Becca Thompson Founder of TAGA

Reading this book made me feel like the first person to enter a pristine spiritual forest.  There were so many new and exciting ideas, philosophies, rituals, meditative techniques and introduction to the Creative Force of the Universe to breathe into my soul.

Rev. Doti Boon
Rev. Doti Boon Pastor and Founder of The Center for Creative Living