Sean Michael Imler resides in Campbell, CA.  He relocated from Los Angeles where he was born to attend University at California Santa Cruz (UCSC).  He was one of the first students in the multimedia curriculum in the early 90's and graduated with a B.A.  This led to developing excellent computer skills by 1995 which determined his career path.

Coming from a technical background, having worked in Silicon Valley as a designer/developer for various internet companies, he has a well-rounded understanding of life, from spiritual healing to the practical business matters.  His greatest strength is being able to balance and speak these two languages with fluency.

Sean began teaching Living a Sacred Life in 2015 while doing a teacher training course with a well-named author and teacher.  The course has been developed and refined since then, having taught it numerous times in person and over the internet.  It combines Sean's varied interests in the principles of shamanism, native medicine, meditation, Buddhism, psychology, and science.

Sean also has a musical background, having played in numerous ensembles.  He's released two self-produced CDs under the name "Rhythma", played traditional music from Zimbabwe, played in various percussion ensembles, and even a punk band when he was young.  Now, he enjoys singing for ceremonies on the West Coast and playing guitar for morning meditation as his local church, where he's also an ordained minister.

Blue Bear Healing

Sean started doing healing work professionally at the end of 2011.  He combined shamanic techniques with BodyTalk - Whole-Health healing system, Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy (QHHHT - past life regression), personal coaching and hypnotherapy, as well as sound healing and a number of other healing modalities.  See bluebearhealing.com for more information.